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20.02.2013Artist News

Hell Yeah! The former MANOWAR guitarist David Shankle, also known as "The Shred Demon", has signed a worldwide deal with PURE STEEL RECORDS with his band DSG ! After 6 years of silence, the new and third album of the band is to be expected in the summer / autumn 2013.

David Shankle is still one of the most respected and talented guitarists in the world.

"David Shankle has long been one of my personal faves. For our label it’s an important step to get the confidence of a well-known artist like David. The new album is a hammer - I can promise already" says Andreas Lorenz from the label.

David Shankle states: “I am very excited about releasing this new album in 2013 and myself and the DSG band have found true metal brothers with Pure Steel Records, this has allowed us to create an epic metal record.”
More news in the next time.